Holistic Photography by PK



Philosophically speaking, the word Holistic means encompassing the whole of a thing, and not just a part. Holistic medicine is a well-known branch of medicine practice where the holistic practitioners look at the whole person for answers, not just at physical symptoms. Similarly, holistic photography is such where the photographer attempts to connect philosophically with the subject as a whole being without focusing into the segments or parts of the subject. By no measures a photographer claims holistic session to be medically therapeutic, nor do we claim as such. Nonetheless, our holistic approach in photography is designed to create frozen moments of authenticity that often becomes a healing mechanism. The joy of being photographed is not the primary purpose in holistic photography. It is rather utilized as a tool to see the inner self of an individual or to document the key elements of various relationships. Relationship with the self as well as relationship with others is cultivated through a skilled process in holistic photo sessions.


A holistic photo session is all about the subjects, the person or the persons being photographed. The initiation of a holistic photo session should originate from within the subject’s inner core where the subject is willing to connect with the inner self for a valid purpose. This can be as simple as to discover one’s own beauty, or as complex as to heal the self from any experience of non-medical suffering. Once the holistic photo session has been initiated, next step is to develop a trust with the photographer and the crew. Ask questions until you are satisfied that your possible vulnerability will be regarded with utmost professional care and attention. Once you enter the session, free yourself from limitations that otherwise erect guard between you and the rest of the world. This is where you take complete charge and flow through the session organically. Photographer becomes only a tool to document what you desire to be documented. Once the session is over, participate in the unabashed review process and ensure you feel good. If something is left out, this is the time to reenter the floor and to capture those images. Review a second time and conclude the session.


A complete detox of inner pain and suffering may be attained through holistic photo session. A photo session cannot be misrepresented as a miracle or a magic. However, this is a journey that ends only when it ends. For some the result can be immediate, and for others it may take a few sessions or additional coaching and counseling. Nonetheless, the joy of self-liberation has been observed nearly in 100% cases. Holistic photo session is truly a practice where you become your best friend in the most constructive way. It is possible to transform into a whole new person not in looks, but in thoughts and beliefs. However, we don’t claim to recreate anyone. We only facilitate in bringing out what was hidden.


Holistic photo session is a short journey to uncover buried emotions and feelings. However, it creates a long-lasting positive impact on life. In our daily life, often we are unintentionally and unknowingly manipulated by our nearest and dearest ones. The people we trust the most, often control our life without any conspiracy. The otherwise benign acts of the caring people, at times end up creating emotional challenges for many of us. Many a times, it is highly difficult to come to terms with an unpleasant memory from childhood, an untimely loss of a loved one, a vacillating phase following a separation, or a suffocating life overall. Lack of confidence or overconfidence, lack of self-love or self-obsession, both are potent to make our life dubious. Hence, we flow through the daily life lifelessly. Superficial smile, perfunctory outgoingness, cursory socializing nothing really pony up inner happiness while we belong within our own space. Happiness is what we all seek as the ultimate. This is exactly where a holistic photo session can become instrumental by holding the mirror of truth in front of you. This is where you are enabled to see your inner crux. As you connect with the self, you learn to accept yourself, and you empower yourself to discard what is not wanted. Therefore, the purpose of a holistic photo session is to position the self onto an elevated perspective of life.


There are three steps for a holistic photo session.

1. You begin with a complimentary consultation with PK, our founder and the person behind developing the concept of holistic photography. During this hour-long session, PK asks various questions to know you and your objectives. Based on your input, PK designs the structure of the session. He suggests every finer detail about the session. Once you agree, a schedule is fixed for the session.

2. If you prefer a facial before the session, we send you to a local spa roughly a week before the scheduled session. The day of the holistic photo session is perhaps the best experience of all. The day begins with a second visit to the local spa where you receive manicure, pedicure, and a massage, if preferred. As you arrive at the studio, you may or may not receive makeup application by our professional makeup artist based on your decision. Once ready for the studio floor (or outdoor location of your choice), the photographer initiates a purposeful conversation guided by the discussion during the initial consultation. From here, the entire session goes through the engaging conversation where you are encouraged to bring out your inner issues and emotions under an absolute non-judgmental safe space. Through this conversation, the photographer keeps capturing images at the right moments. Depending on the length of the session, you take breaks as needed. Food and beverages are served as well. You go through as many changes of clothing as you wish or for some it goes through without clothing, based on personal preference and decision.

3. You return to the studio a third time where we show you the selected images. We receive your reflections and finalize the selection. This selection process is guided by PK as you go through the reflection of your inner journey. This is where you finally see yourself in your own mirror and align. This session can take up to two hours of time. The final step is obviously the delivery of the authentic frozen moments of your inner reflections that connect you through a thread to your core. We present you with a beautifully printed album full of your own story plus a sixteen by twenty framed photograph. Prints are made on gallery standard materials such as exhibition fiber. We also submit photographs in electronic storage device. We follow up with you about your journey ahead at least for next six months, once every month. We remain by your side for as long as you want us to.

Package begins at $695 and customized based on the scope of session.
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