We provide book publishing support for our members and students. If you have finalized your manuscript, contact us for your book publishing needs. We cover editing, designing, illustration, page setting, proof reading, printing, binding, and complete publishing process including book promotion. Members receive significant discount. The quality of our production when compared with cost is unrivaled. Pick up a copy of THE FOURTH CHILD: GLIMPSES OF TWENTIETH CENTURY BENGALI POETRY and see the standards of our quality book publishing. Price varies based on number of pages and various other factors. Most importantly, you do not have to go through on demand book print process even after paying full price for publishing your book. We provide you with a firm quote where we specify quantity per your need. We deliver you exact number of copies as promised without you ever having to wait to get your book printed only a few copies at a time. We do not take any royalty out of your book sales proceeds. As evident in all our activities, here too, we have developed an out of the box system to empower you as a published author. We are highly competitive in book publishing; just as competitive we are in any of our services.

Complete book publishing service as low as $1500.00