At Aseity Creations, we strive to support creative individuals. We understand, gadgets, equipment, facilities, are integral elements for a creative journey. There is virtually no end to how many different tools you can add to your possession. Often, an individual may like to try out a few gadgets before buying it. Semi-professionals and serious amateurs at times find it more reasonable to rent gadgets for a short duration as opposed to buying it. For many, renting is often a much better option than keeping funds tied to some gadgets that may not have a need for regular use. Keeping all that in mind, Aseity Creations offers a few essential gadgets and other amenities on rent for a very reasonable price.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL (Bring cursor over the desired item to see details.)




Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up

Oil Paint

Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up

Pastel, and oil Pastel

Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up.


Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up.


Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up.


Pay only for the portion you use: $2 and up


$1 and up.

Paint Brush

$2 and up.

Nikon Z7 camera body. (FX format. Full frame mirrorless. 45.7 megapixel. 64 – 25,600 ISO. 4K UHD.)


Nikon D850 camera body. (FX format. Full frame. 45.7 megapixel. 64 – 25,600 ISO. 4K UHD. wi-fi. Bluetooth)


Nikon MB-D18 Battery Grip (D850)


Nikon D810A camera body. (good for astrophotography. FX format. 36.3 megapixel. 200 – 12,800 ISO. 15-minute-long exposure M mode)


Nikkor F mount 14 – 24mm f2.8 G ED autofocus wide angle lens


Nikkor F mount 24 – 70mm f2.8 E ED autofocus VR zoom lens


Nikkor F mount 70 – 200mm f4 G ED autofocus VR zoom lens


Nikkor F mount 200 – 500mm f5.6 E ED VR autofocus zoom lens


Nikkor F mount 105mm f2.8 G ED VR autofocus Micro lens


F mount to Z mount conversion ring. Nikon FTZ adapter


Nikon Speedlight SB-5000


Altura Flash


Altura wireless transmitters (Set of 2)


Nikon – Flashpoint / Godox R2 Mark II 2.4 GHz Wireless Flash Trigger


Godox AD600 Pro Monolight. 2.4G wireless system(Compatible to work with Godox TTL camera flash, TTL outdoor flash. Professional lithium battery pack with capacity up to 360 full power flashes with recycle time between 0.01 – 0.9 seconds): 20/Day Godox LED stick light LC 500. (516 LED beads. 3300K – 5600K)


Godox LED stick light LC 500. (516 LED beads. 3300K – 5600K)


Godox LR180 Daylight Ring light (14.2″ Diameter, 180 LEDs, 5600K Daylight Color Temperature, Dimmable)


LED video light panel


Ladybug 1000 LED continuous studio lighting system with dimmer (A set of 2 lights with bard doors)


Mount Dog continuous studio light system (5200K) with stands, saltboxes, and honeycombs (A set of 3 lights)


Umbrella (White): Complimentary with strobe rental. Reflector (White, silver, and gold) with stands


Curved Reflector


8 feet light Stand


Professional stand for strobes and monolights


Light boom


Manfrotto Tripod




HD card


Flash drive

Complimentary with rental

Godox P120L Parabolic Softbox with Bowens Mounting (47-inch)


22-inch Beauty Dish


EZ Lock 42-inch Beauty Dish. (Portable)


Bowen mount

$2/Day (Complimentary with relevant rentals)

Mount Dog background system: (Complimentary with backdrop rental) Backdrops (Blue, White, Black, Brown)



$1/Day (Complimentary with relevant light rental)

Barn door

$1/Day (complimentary with relevant light rental)

16.6 mega pixels 4K Sony Handycam (20X optical zoom)


Battery operated wireless lapel microphones including receiver and charger


Motion picture editing services

Please contact us for exact price quote.

Still photography/image editing services

Please contact us for exact price quote.

Clothing for modeling purpose

Price $3/Day and up. (We wash clothing after each use).


At Aseity Creations, we gladly share our studio space. Our studio is roughly 740 square feet with very high ceiling (roughly 20 feet high) including a changing and make-up area. Studio can be rented as a vacant floor or with partial/full gadgets and backdrops. For details listing of available gadgets please refer to the equipment rental section. You may arrive without any equipment and utilize our tools all the way through editing, printing, framing or you may pick and choose any segment per your need.

We also provide professional make-up artist, hair stylist, and model. We fully want you to unleash your creativity. We are ready to welcome you whenever you are ready and eager to support your project. We accommodate your need for working in our studio outside the normal business hours without any additional cost.

Non-alcoholic beverage and light snacks are included. Minimum booking for 2 hours is required.

Studio floor only
Studio with gadgets
A standard set of three strobes, soft boxes or umbrella, light stands, backdrop frame, 2 backdrops, 1 reflector, plus studio floor (without camera):
Studio with gadgets and camera
Nikon D850 with Nikkor F mount 24 – 70mm f2.8 E ED autofocus VR zoom lens:
Make-up artist and hair stylist

We work with some of the most professional models locally. Often, we can arrange for sought-after models from out of town. Fees for out of town models are determined based on the model you are interested to work with. Travel charges, lodging expenses are to be added to work with models from out of town. Below is the fee structure for models from Houston. Same fees are applicable for male and female models. For complete list of our models, please contact us. Models specialize by category, such as; fashion/glamour, fine-art nude, boudoir, athletic etc. Please specify the type of work you wish to create, and we will arrange for the appropriate model to complete your creativity.



In addition to our indoor studio situated in the heart of Houston, TX., we present an outdoor location at your service. The land is virgin and immerses you in the nature where your creative genius is bound to be inspired. Photographers, artists, models, writers find this location as paradise. We hold classes, workshops and retreats here as well. Located just about 75 miles west of Houston, TX., in the countryside of Columbus, TX., our outdoor location is one of the most picturesque landscapes that is close to all modern amenities yet allows to enfranchise our sense of freedom in as primitive ways as we can imagine. Spread over nearly one hundred acres of land, our outdoor location extends variety of backdrops to create endless possibilities. The land can be rented by the hour. The gravel road, wildflowers (seasonal), matured trees, beautiful sky, creek, sand beach, rocks and stones await to welcome you.

In our open-air creative ground, you become the creator of your own creative kingdom. We offer you bottled water, light snacks, towels and other necessary amenities. Please note: To preserve its rustic value, the space does not have electricity, running water (faucet), modern toilet (however, we do have a primitive style rest room on the site). Additionally, we offer rental equipment to make your dream a reality. We also offer post-session production services such as film editing, photo editing, framing etc. Just ask us. For the aspiring amateurs and the budding semi-professionals our rental service extends an excellent opportunity to unleash creativity without spending a fortune. The creators’ playground comes with a clay oven. Collect your own wood or just ask us to provide it. Light up the fire and enjoy your own baked pizza or a barbecue.

Once settled, roam around with our host and get familiar with the accessible areas. Keep your creative mind alert and you are assured to find many amazing artistic creations of the nature that can be part of your creations of the day. The shapes of the trees, the dancing grass, the swaying leaves, the curves of the paths, and so much more candidly awaiting to be transformed into a new life through your artistic renditions. Stretch your imagination to its maximum extent and experience the unfolding of a new horizon. It’s just magic.

As you stroll through this virgin picturesque land, suddenly the magical spell of the nature multiplies in umpteen folds. Yes, a beautiful creek sets the boundary to our creators’ playground. And right at the bank of the creek, following a few steps through the wooded path stands our unique tree house. The creek stretches for miles, though we ask you to stay within our perimeters. Every turn of the creek presents thousands of different possibilities towards creating unique and magnificent volume of work.

Did we mention we are able to connect you with professional models as well? Yes, we work with a group of highly talented and highly experienced models. They are available for you to facilitate in your creative endeavors. Just ask us and we will be happy to assist you. The creators’ playground is decorated with several rock and stone pedestals that can be utilized for posing purposes. The white sand beach by the creek is also an excellent backdrop for creative works. Please be aware that the water level in the creek varies vastly and we do not recommend anyone to dive in. However, if you know swimming, feel free to take a dip into the water as well as utilize it to pose your models. There is no life-guard available at our facility. Therefore, know your own skill and use the creek at your own risk. Nature offers us a lot while it also demands respect and proper appreciation. Always be mindful.
Outdoor creative location

Rates shown above are base price for limited open-air creative work space with a maximum of four attendees. Equipment, model, hair stylist, make-up artist charges are additional.

Equipment rentals are available only within 75 miles radius of Houston, TX. We neither ship out equipment, nor do we accept return of equipment via shipment. All equipment are to be picked up and returned at our office. Upon request we deliver and pick up equipment to and from your home or location. Delivery charge applies. Delivery charges are determined based on drive time and not based on distance.

Rental items without a price cannot be rented online. Please visit our studio to select items and to find out exact pricing for those items.

All rentals require deposit that is refundable upon returning the rented items exactly in the same condition at the time of pick up. Any damage to the equipment will result into penalty up to the full price of the equipment. In lieu of security deposit, our attendant will deliver equipment, stay on site the entire duration of the work, and bring back equipment upon completion of work (maximum permissible work time is 7 hours) for an additional fee of $35/Hour.

Valid ID, proof of address, and other documents are needed to rent out equipment.

Some restrictions may apply. Additional charges may apply. Please contact us for exact quote. Applicable tax to be added.

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Are you a photographer? Do you wish to share our studio or outdoor location for your clients?
Are you a property owner? Do you wish to offer your property for photography, filming, or other creative activities?
We extend support to all qualified individuals.
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