Second Identity First is the school wing of Aseity Creations. We accept students 10 years of age and up in a wide array of lesson plans. Our curriculum is comprehensive and structured towards developing a genuine creative mindset. Under a fun-loving and hands-on environment Second Identity First offers wholesome courses facilitated by some of the most prominent and qualified instructors in their respective fields. We offer classes for the beginners as well as for the intermediate level students. Please see below the range of classes we offer while the details of each course are posted on our LESSONS page.
    You may have a camera. You may have snapped photographs. Learn how to imagine the concept of a photograph before clicking the shutter. How light plays its significant role in creating an image and how to control it. How to determine the correct setting of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. How to compose. How to edit. How to print. And much more…
    You may have submitted to a few exhibitions. You may have been hired as a professional for some events. You may have a good understanding of camera functions and operations. This is the class you should join. You will learn everything from conceptualization to marketing your creativity including how to position yourself in the art industry. You will learn about difference between film and digital photography as well as theories of dark room processing for film medium. Photography lessons cover portraiture, figure study, landscape, fashion, still life, food photography. You will also learn styling, make-up, expression, lighting, photoshop, lightroom, printing, and framing. And much more…
    You may have visuals in your imagination but may not necessarily know how to convert it onto a 2D surface. You may have taken a few classes at your schools or at institutions elsewhere. You wish to express your imagination through drawing and painting. This is the curriculum you should join. You will learn what is considered to be a work of art. You will learn about mediums such as pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic. You will learn about color chart and color mixing. You will learn about brush, paper, canvas. You will learn about exhibition submissions and much more…
    You have been drawing or painting for a while. You may have exhibited your work at a few events. You may have won a few accolades for your work. And you wish to emerge as an established artist. This is the right class for you. You will learn art history and its evolution. You will learn art appreciation. The grammar and theories of art are discussed in this class. You will learn finer application of mediums and surfaces. You will learn about art entrepreneurship and much more…Drawing and Painting lessons cover portraiture, figure study, landscape, still life, abstract. Curriculum also covers framing, preservation, and printmaking.
    If you have ever wondered or thought about expressing anything through the medium of writing, this class is the perfect place for you. We call it ‘author incubation’ for a valid reason. This curriculum gives you a true 360 degrees view of what it takes to become a versatile author/writer. This class covers mastery and grammar of writing poetry, fiction, non-fiction, interviewing and writing report (journalistic). It covers the scope of publishing, contributing, as well as participating in various writers’ meets. Upon the completion of the course, you will be equipped with all necessary skills to become a writer. All you need to have is imagination.
  6. RIGHT TO WRITE: (6 weeks)
    This class has been designed to encourage individuals to voice their opinions and experiences. Under a safe space, participants write, read, and share their thoughts, emotions, and whatever else they desire to bring forth through a group of peers who are supportive and non-judgmental.It is a free form (e.g., poetry, memoir, fiction, non-fiction or journaling) writing curriculum where the peers offer constructive feedback. In addition to achieving the essence of self-liberation, this class is potent to enhance writing skill. Facilitators offer some writing techniques; however, participants are honored for their own styles and individuality. If you wish to receive support, inspiration, and accountability for pursuing writing for personal or professional growth, this is the class you should enroll in. This class is also designed for individuals who wish to view writing as a transformational process for connecting to and telling the truth of their lives. If you are seeking a community, connection and meaningful conversation to enrich your life, you will find this class immensely valuable.
  7. SHORT-FILM MAKING: (24 weeks)
    This is an extensive curriculum that covers from conceptualization of a story to post production techniques and technology of film making. Duration of this course is devoted to a fine mix of theoretical as well as practical learning process. As you learn each segment of film making, you will also convert the same towards a final production. Script development, screenplay writing, production logistics, storyboarding, casting, acting, make-up, cinematography, lighting, editing, sound mixing, and color correction are integral part of this course. You will be fully ready to create your own short films.
  8. ACTING: (12 weeks)
    We follow Stanislavsky acting method in this curriculum. This course prepares actors, models, and directors for the real world of acting. Voice acting, breathing, understanding a character and its psychological phenomenon, embodying the character, dialogue throwing, steps, postures, movements, compositions, expressions, emotions, choreography, and make-up are discussed in this course.
  9. MAKE-UP: (6 weeks)
    This is a hands-on course for the aspiring make-up artists, actors, photographers and for anyone else who wish to learn proper application of make-up. This course takes you through a complete journey from understanding skin type, skin color etcetera through sculpting eyes, lips, faces, daytime to night time make-up application, how to create exotic look, lash application and much more. You will be fully ready to create highlight, contour, blush, shadow and so much more.
  10. PHILOSOPHY: (12 weeks)
    This is our signature course and designed to connect with the self. Facilitators provide insight while invoking the questions within the participants. Participants then engage into conversation towards an ultimate resolution of their own. In the process, they may develop a philosophy of their own. This course covers fundamentals such as Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism, and Existentialism as well as discusses Advaita Vedanta or non-duality, perception, inference, comparison/analogy, postulation, ethics, morality, three states of consciousness, illusion, path of practice, liberation and much more. This course helps creative minds enormously. It also nourishes the population in general.
  • Participants in each course will receive several handouts, cheat sheets, and other valuable materials.
  • Participants will be required to do minor home assignments.
  • Common materials are provided; however, specialized supplies are to be procured by the participants.
  • To ensure individualized attention, all courses are formed with small group of participants (often no more than 12). Reserve your seat now. All courses are not offered each quarter.
  • At the end of each course, opportunity to participate in exhibition, public reading session, public talk session, and in film festival will be presented to all participants.
  • A curated gala event will be arranged once a year to showcase the finer connection between all courses and its participants where everyone will have equal opportunity to include their creation.
  • Aseity Creations believes in serving and sharing. Despite all courses being offered at a very reasonable fees, if you are still unable to afford, please contact us. We assure to do everything possible for your enrollment.
  • Whereas, we are not rigid in our teaching method; nonetheless, we maintain a certain standard. Therefore, please read the ‘standard and expectation’ statement before enrolling in a course.
  • Details of each course are available on LESSONS page.

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