Unless we define or understand the word ‘self’, the answer to this valuable question will remain vague or relative. So, what is self? On one hand, self can be full of me. On the other hand, self can be the realization or being aware of the axis between one’s inner core and the rest of the universe. The inner core of every human is such that it not only defines the person, but also never permits to distort the self. Self often is not the identity of an individual, though it is identical to the subconscious and unconscious layers of the mind. Identity originates from the conscious layer of the mind.

This is exactly where the major conflicts erupt from within the various layers of our mind. Society preaches to us to be good, while it teaches us to be not so good. The eternal theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ duels within our mind as well as within the society. The wide range inequality within the society is justified to be the norm. The duality is visible everywhere. But who creates the duality? Of course, it is us who develop duality of inequality and then it is the same us who formulate the tranquilizer to accept such duality of inequality. Therefore, the prevailing senses at the outer layer of life also nest within the inner layer of life. There is no escape from such conflict.

Conflict is the source of unhappiness. Unhappiness blocks life to unfold. If life doesn’t blossom, it becomes synonymous with death. Therefore, many of us are living dead. It is very difficult to comprehend the concept, and even more onerous to accept. What is the remedy?

The one and only remedy is to connect with the self. We must understand our existence in comparison to the rest of the universe. Everyone is a very small particle in this universe. Nonetheless, a significant particle. What we do today, not only impacts us; it also impacts the universe of tomorrow. If we cannot comprehend the universe, at least we can recognize the horizon around us. For example, let’s say: You have never been to Paris, and you have never been to the moon either. However, you have seen photographs and other images of both the places. Therefore, the visualization you develop within your mind about those two places ought to be of equal clarity. But is it? Of course, it is not. Why? Because, you can connect your imagination far better with the visuals of Paris than you are able to stretch your imagination about the visuals of the moon. Images of Paris have people, animals, houses, buildings, streets, cars, shops, trees, meadows, body of water – all of which you are familiar with. But the images of the moon are just a surface without any point of reference. This is the limitation of our mind. And this limitation does not produce anything greater than what we are able to comprehend.

Think about all the sci-fi films or all the fantasy movies. So much creative energy flows into producing such movies, yet till date have you seen any movies that are beyond human comprehension? No matter how ridiculous the shape we bestow upon the aliens, they still appear with eyes, hands, limbs, and other body parts. They still eat, they walk or fly or crawl or swim. They transform into fire or water or wind. Think about that for a second. Every element in those movies are pre-existing and nothing beyond what we know of. Couldn’t there be any other formation for a creature without eyes, hands, feet, ears etc.? Couldn’t there be elements other than fire, water, wind etc.? Couldn’t creatures move between places without walking, flying, swimming, or crawling? The fact is no human has seen such elements. Therefore, neither they can create anything different even after they far-fetched their imagination, nor are the viewers able to relate to anything like that if it was created. This is where we take shelter under surrealism. This is exactly where the haze of life troubles us when we stare at something abstract and find it impossible to connect with. This is where, often we turn out to be judgmental. This is where we begin to discard. This is where we step onto the rejections. As a result, we become a lost soul. Therefore, we fail to be the fittest. Therefore, we don’t survive. We only exist as a living dead. Is there an alternative?

Of course, there is. If we could connect with the core of inner self by aligning our conscious mind with the subconscious and the unconscious, we can easily rise to the top of our game. Our objective should be to push the unconscious (things that happen to our mind automatically) to the foreground of our mind while we learn to ignore the conscious state. Conscious mind is often the most superficial level of mind. Unconscious mind is our truth. We must embrace that truth and make it our identity and our exposure. This state of existence is the most vulnerable nonetheless, the most authentic of the self.

Once we relate to our unconscious or with our authentic self and once we manifest such authentic self unapologetically, only then we can be truly happy. If we rise to the level of 24/7 happiness mode, creativity of all sorts begins to ooze out. Similarly, if we can indulge ourselves to engage in any kind of creative activities, gradually, we will be connected to our true core. Creativity is the most harmless element of life. Therefore, as we embrace creative expressions, simultaneously, creativity carries us through our journey to our core, often without any announcements or proclamations.

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